27 March 2020

Please read the following information sent from District 140


26 March 2020

To All Local Lodges, Districts and Staff/ À tous les sections locales, districts et personnel


On behalf of GVP Stan Pickthall / Au nom du VPG Stan Pickthall




“Given the confusion over the application process, and members selecting the option “natural disaster”,  please tell your members that when applying they are not to select the “natural disaster” option as they’ll be asked for a 16 digit code, which is not being provided. See the email below from Service Canada about why that reference code will not be issued.


Members will only need A00.  A few members have done it this way and have not had issues applying.”

Ivana Saula

“Prior to the advent of claims automation, reference codes served as useful workload management and statistical information gathering tools. While reference codes provide access to applications for benefits that are tailored to specific situations, they do not result in faster claims processing.  Most claims will automate almost immediately whether or not they were filed under a reference code.

In addition, the use of reference codes is limited to regular benefits only. As a result, clients applying for special benefits sickness (including quarantine), maternity and/or parental benefits would not be able to do so with a reference code. 

For these reasons, it is the position of the department that reference codes will not be issued”


25 March 2020

Please read the attached information from our Canadian Office regarding EI benefits and COVID-19

EI Package March 2020